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History of the brand


"Moskovskiy Kartofel" - The first potato chips in Russia

The first large research and production plant for potato processing and food manufacturing was built in the USSR in 1961. It was called The Moscow Plant of Potato Products.

The history of the “Moskovskiy Kartofel” brand began in 1963 when the manufacturing of the first Russian potato chips started. They were named “Crispy potato “Moskovskiy Kartofel”.

In the beginning, potato chips were seasoned only with salt, but since that time our chips have changed, and we have even been producing even crinkle cut potato chips since 2011. “Moskovskiy Kartofel” was the first Russian manufacturer to introduce these type of potato chips. Only our quality has remained unchanged: we take a selected natural potato, fry it in high purity oil and add high-quality seasonings and flavors.


Why "Moskovskiy Kartofel" is a legendary brand?

Only natural potato is used for the manufacturing of potato chips. It goes through several stages of selection, processing and cleaning. As a result, only the best tubers will be cut into thin slices. Reliable domestic suppliers from Central and Southern Russia are engaged in the supply of potatoes.

The “Moskovskiy Kartofel” potato chips are seasoned with high-quality flavors developed by large international companies from Germany and Switzerland. When creating each flavor, we carefully study consumer preferences, as well as new products on the potato chips market in Russia and abroad.

Implementation of the latest scientific developments and technological achievements, use of high-quality raw materials and a modern quality control system, checking the taste and quality of each product batch before shipment ensure consistently high quality of our products.